It is said that with each act of chesed that you perform your neshama is elevated and you become a new spiritual being. As such, every member of Klal Israel should perform at least one act of chesed each day. By giving even just one dollar to a Chesed organization each day, you can actively perform a daily act of chesed. By contributing to the Chesed Organization, you are actively engaged in an act of chesed on a continual basis, even while you are performing other activities and even while you sleep. Your contribution will benefit those who need positive energy & encouragement and those who seek assistance with medical expenses, yeshiva tuition, wedding costs and other Simcha related costs, business loans as well as general living assistance.
Yes, even just $1 a day can make a significant impact in the lives of others. Your one dollar will be combined with the one dollar of the thousands of other people in our program. Combining each individual small contribution into one Chesed Organization has the potential to make a monumental impact on the lives of our fellow brethren.
You can donate in two ways, either monthly or annually. You can contribute $30 once a month or $365 once a year. If you choose the monthly donation, our system will automatically charge your credit card on a monthly basis.
The beauty of this type of chesed is that your daily contribution is combined with the contributions of other Jews in the world. This united chesed of Klal Yisrael will bring health, happiness, peace, joy and smiles to other families of Klal Israel and Bz”H with the z’chut of this great chesed may Moshiach come soon in our day, Amen!